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Automatic bicycle rental systems, so-called bike-sharing, are the result of efforts to provide users a quick and easy way to use a bicycle as a means of transport, or a means of sports and recreation, without the need to own it.

Today, many travel companies around the world are implementing such systems to offer their guests additional service, raise the value of the tourist complex and the entire destination, through a quick return on investment and additional profits.

The very logic of using the system is very simple: the user accesses the point where the available bicycles are located. You log in to the system in one of several possible ways, for example by RFID card, by entering the user password on the terminal or via a specially created key. The system "unlocks" the desired bike and the user starts riding. Upon expiration of rented time, the bike can be returned to any point, and the system itself reads all the parameters of use and return.

Our e-bike solutions are completely designed and built to meet all needs for usage within universities, cities and tourist destinations, and are enriched with software and mobile applications.
More information at: www.go2bike.hr

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