Solar systems

The power of sun's rays

Solar solutions

Intelligent use of solar energy

We offer design and installation services for photovoltaic panels that we can also mount on our various products such as canopies, LED lighting and smart e-benches.
In its development program and product range, UTE d.o.o. offers a range of complementary elements that enrich urban and rural spaces with their technological capabilities as well as attractive design.


These are the modern "smart" benches that produce electricity through the usage of photovoltaic panels. In addition, comfortable sitting allows users to charge mobile phones and tablets wired and wireless, use Internet hotspots, integrate effective LED lighting, listen to music using integrated Bluetooth speakers and more.


Solar ePanels are another element that uses sunlight to obtain electricity that can be used to reproduce sound files (for example, an audio guide to a particular tourist site or historical site, ambient music, characteristic sounds of animal species,...), as well as WI-FI hotspot and LED lighting.


Using the eTree function, it is possible to charge the batteries on smartphones or tablets, charge the battery of an electric bicycle or get all the necessary information about the location, city or municipality on the touch screen. Also, eTree can be part of the electric bicycle rental system.