E-charger systems

Smart chargers for smart vehicles

Go2Charge chargers


We offer you quality chargers for electric vehicles made according to the latest technologies, top elegant design and great performance.

The systems are fully tailored to your needs as they use dynamic load management and balanced charging power (5kW-22kW), and use management via mobile application and cloud back-end tracking systems with a fully resolved card payment system and location.

Our solutions are completely designed to meet all the needs of public charging stations (municipalities, cities, companies,...) and private users, as such they are the ideal choice and your right step into the future.

All our chargers for public and home segments can be modified with over 10 modifications to fully meet the needs of our customers.
For communication needs, we offer co-branding and customization options for our go2charge and go2charge Slim product lines.

More information at: www.go2charge.hr

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