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Switch and control cabinet production

- device for reactive power distribution 6MW
- device for active power distribution 6MW
- excitation and protection cabinet for rotational frequency converter system  11kV, 3,6MVA
- excitation and protection cabinet of synchronous engine 4,7MW


switch and control cabinet for Anamaria and Izabela platforms
monitoring and control of two generators

motor speed regulation
monitoring and control of gas motor
generator monitoring and protection


Management and process control with PLC and diesel generator automation

Hydroelectric power plant Roški Slap - using PLC made monitoring, management and protection of two generators and remote monitoring of the entire system via SCADA


Celje hospital – diesel generator set automatics is made with  PLC


automation of two container aggregates is made with Siemens PLC


- diesel generating set automatics in Croatian Radio Television dorm in Zagreb is made with two PLCs, panel for alarm and parameters display and protection devices, which are all embedded in cabinet


Floating crane Divić ( Uljanik Shipyard) - Protection of Divić floating crane is made with PLC, panel for alarm signalization, measured valuables display, alarm acception and protection blockade, with textual panel for alarm, measured valuables and protection parameters printing, with sensor for main and auxiliary hooks load, wind speed sensor, measurement converters, sensors for crane slope, for pontoon slope,for main and auxiliary hooks height, which are all located on the jib


management, control and protection of the fan on the Car Carrier ships


- cement factory in Pula, diesel generator set automatics is made with  PLC, panel display of alarms and generator set parameters, protection devices and battery voltage sensor


- diesel generator set automatics in medicament factory Pliva in Zagreb is made with PLC, panel for alarms and parameters display and protection devices, which are all embedded in control cabinet


- diesel generator set automatics is made with Tecnoelletra TE804 and Siemens S7-300 PLC 


- diesel generator set automatics at the Butoniga plant for water conditioning is made  with Siemens S7-300 PLC, panel for alarms and parameters display Siemens OP3, voltage and rotation speed sensor ADA-10, AZ-10 and AM20   


- diesel generator set automatics is made on four transmitters: Brač, Promina, Sljeme, Borinci


Macedonian Telecom - Automatics of  50 aggregates in the whole Macedonia is made. Automatics of the aggregates are connected trough modem line with central system in Skoplje, from which is possible to control and supervise the whole system 


Croatian Telecom

Croatian railways

Croatian army


Automation for aggregates for marine applications

All Croatian shipyards



Siemens - production of regulators for Siemens company, export in Germany, Czech Republic, USA,  Netherlands, Pakistan ...

TŽV Gredelj AVR for heating systems (1500 V DC)


Rectifiers – chargers

Uljanik shipyard

Viktor Lenac shipyard

3. Maj shipyard

Split shipyard


Parking machines

City Rovinj  - installed parking machine Davinci developed in collaboration with the company OpenTraffic, Barcelona, Spain

City Pula, City Pazin - automatic toll system and parking control in outdoor and indoor parking places



Renewable energy

Sunflower Solar Project - in 10 elementary schools in Dubrovnik, Hvar, Zadar, Kaštel Lukšić, Krk, Pula, Križevci, Zagreb, Ivanić-Grad and Vukovar we installed a solar treker 1kW power. Information on the amount of generated electricity by "solar sunflowers" is collected in to a system on the Internet in which will be able to see how much electricity each "sunflower" produced in hour, day, month or year.  More info


               In July 2013. put into operation a system of illumination and ambiental music in front of the church of

               Sv. Elizej.

               Preliminary design solutions, project and installation by UTE Inc.
"Bike sharing" UTE

               In May 2013. put into operation a system of public rental of mechanical and electric bikes in the City of
               The company UTE d.o.o. conducted the procurement and installation of equipment and information
               systems management and billing system of public bicycles.
               Istraturist   Istraturist - Hoteli, Apartmani, Vile
               In July 2013. put into operation a system "Park & ride" - an auto rental electrical and mechanical bikes
               placed in Istraturist Inc and City of Umag.          



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