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Renewable Energy

Thanks to the technology development, solar energy can succesfully be converted into the form we prefer, electricity. We use the photovoltaic panels designed to harness solarenergy as much as possible. Solar panel can be freestanding in the open, mounted on flat or tilted surfaces, with fixed angle or for sensing the direction of the sun, so called ‘Tracker’ with one or two-axle system.

The amount of solar energy varies with geographical location. For the region of Istria the average is 1800 sunshine hours a year the power is 175 W/m2, the annual energy radiation around 1400-1500 kWh/m2 what ensures a quick return on investment, and several positive effects:

• Production of electricity from renewable sources

• CO2 reduction

• significant profit gains as the Preferred Manufacturer of electricity.


We offer equipment well known manufacturer: DeihlDeltaSunwayVictron Energy, Aleo, Bisol, SMA and many others.

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