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Marine Electric Systems


Since our foundation we have been designing, constructing and manufacturing the electronic and electric equipment intended for the management and control of marine systems. Given that we operate within the shipyard Uljanik we are in contact on a daily basis with other departments so that our engineers have gained extensive knowledge and experience specific to the shipbuilding industry. Our experience, daily learning and investment in people enable us to offer the products and services for various purposes on board ships and in shipyards both on Croatian and international market.


We offer:

• Diesel gensets automatic equipment,

• Navigation and signal lights distribution boards,

• Alarm systems UTE-Praxis automation

• Call system for hospital or refrigerator,

• Battery chargers,

• piders for AC and DC distribution,

• Battery piders,

• Pre assembled bundles for installation on board ships,

• Design of marine electric systems in accordance with the ships classification societies regulations,

• Production of marine electric equipment in accordance with our or the customer’s project design,

• Design and construction of specific devices according to the customer’s requests,

• Consulting services for preparation of technical descriptions, equipment specifications,

• Preparation of documentation and necessary equipment delivery for AUT3 documentation etc.

Contact info

Uljanik Tesu Elektronika d.o.o.
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HR-52100 Pula

T: +385 (0)52 385 350
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